Big Sand, Viola Lake Area Concerned Citizens

CUP 20-58 (2/24/2021) has been Appealed to District Circuit Court!

Bocans are sueing the Land Use Committee for their Denial of their CUP Application.

Who are we?

We are a group of concerned property owners & community members who are deeply invested in the area of Big Sand Lake & Viola Lake in Webster Wisconsin.

We have stated support from the St. Croix Tribe of Webster as well as lake & property owners from Devils, Big Wood, and Warner Lakes

What do we stand for?

We fundamentally oppose the construction and implementation of a proposed 125+ unit, full hookup, seasonal mobile home campground at 5218 & 5160 State Road 70, Webster, WI, 54893

ALL proceeds will go legal funds necessary to successfully fight this proposed mobile campground project. You will receive a PDF receipt. If you'd rather donate via check, the PO box monitored by Brad Kautzer & Mike Jensen is PO Box 114, Siren, WI 54872-0114

Spread the Word

Contact everyone you know who has a vested interest in halting this development!

Follow us on FACEBOOK to track progress & get updates

Videos of CUP hearing are available on the PRIVATE Facebook Page

THANK YOU to The St. Croix Indians of Hertel and our neighbors at Warner Lake, Devil's Lake, and Big Wood Lake who have joined the fight!



It has come to our attention by at least two people that a land broker, with a Las Vegas Phone number, is calling people to inquire about vacant properties near Olsen Road / Big Sand Lake. While we cannot prove it, there is credible suspicion that the developer of the proposed and defeated Olsen's Landing campground may be looking to acquire land that would provide additional access points to continue in his ambition to obtain approval for a Conditional Use Permit. Please be aware of this dynamic if you receive such a call. It is vital that we prevent any and all potential avenues for the owner of the campground land to access Olson Road.

Map Of Proposed Campground